I'm very sorry about Karen.

Why did you kill him?

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It's very hot, isn't it?

The taxi arrived in good time.

He couldn't possibly part with his beloved dog.


It's a hassle to take the husks off of chestnuts.


You'll never see that again.

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Look after the cat while I'm away.

How will I pay my debts?

I'm now writing a letter to my Chinese teacher, but in English.

Do you want your possessions identified?

He travelled under an assumed name.

Only a little bit of milk remains in the bottle.

The cake was delicious.


I lay on my bed.

Triantaphyllos always arrives early.

He seems to be a kind person.

The captain controls the whole ship.

Am I right?

I thought a swim might be nice.

The dogs started barking.

Pia fell asleep with the light on.

I wish that I could help you.

Stewart has a small car.

My grandfather's photograph is on the wall.


Buy Anne a drink.

I'll tell him what I know.

I'll tell you all about it sometime.


The shouting echoes loud.

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His cell phone was turned off.


We're in need of help.

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They've taken three shots at it.


After the break-up with her game partners she started to make trouble for other players.


I could never replace them.

What do you say we hang out together on the weekend?

Galway what a place!

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You have to study hard to catch up with your class.

It's awfully cold this evening.

I'm boiling with anger.

Their team has a strong sense of unity.

The summer had gone before I knew it.


We must work faster.

Who's your guidance counselor?

Perry didn't think you'd understand.

Huashi had appendicitis.

I showed my ticket to the man at the door, then entered the theater.

Do not kill Edward; it is good to fear.

My dream is still just a dream.

Are you avoiding me?

It's such a nice change.

This project still keeps me very busy.

He came back last night around nine.

Emil lit the fire.

She alone is able to use the personal computer.

She missed her chance to see the famous singer.

As the friend, I gave an opinion.

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Clark poured the water out of the glass.

I miss my elementary teachers very much.

You can't say four-letter words on TV.


She hasn't come yet.

I'll get it back from him.

He hit on the answer to the problem as he was having lunch.

She admires John for his courage.

Don't you speak Tatoeban?

He'll look for another lawyer.

Ravi announced to Oliver that he would soon have a new brother.

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Bronze-ware is largely made from alloys of brass and tin.

Teresa fell asleep during class.

It wasn't a party.

Can anyone tell me what to do?

My father objected to my traveling alone.


Jack is in complete agreement with Jill.

If you've got a problem with that, I suggest you talk to Tharen about it.

They are making for the forest.

I thought I asked you to come alone.

One day the small boy moved to another village with his family and brought Tango along with him.


I won't buy the car tomorrow.

Valentin wants a bigger house.

I concede the point, but not the argument.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

I heard them.


What happened to the money?


We believe in the existence of God.

The desk Ken uses is old.

There's a radio on the table.

This ought to be good.

I need time to fulfill my dreams.

He hid his toys under the bed.

Words know from us, things we ignore from them.


Tommy put the guitar case down so he could hug Bert.

The sun glittered on the water in front of the old sailboat.

Do you eat octopus?

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Bobby raised his children in Boston.

I ate half the apple before I noticed there was a worm in it.

This is a pretty amazing place.

Where has she bought these books?

The selfish man was despised by his colleagues.


She came across the street.

She was advised by him to stop smoking.

In Canada, you're not allowed to drink until you are 20.

This isn't the only key.

I'll tell you what I want to do.

Nothing can excuse him for such rude behavior.

He talks too obliquely like a Chinese.

I don't care to do it today.

We need not have eaten breakfast so early.

Please pack these clothes in a suitcase.

We don't like math.

Juliane defended himself bravely.

He is what we call an honour student.

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I think it's wrong to tell a lie.

"Your full name, please." "Sjaak Miller."

I'm going out this evening.

What goes well with potatoes?

More painful than any wedge.


The audience enjoyed his lecture as it was rich in humor.

He told us to depart at once.

Don't sic a dog on others or he might bite you.


"Just pay up already, I'm saying." "Hand over the money, Yo!"

I don't know what you want to do.

If I remember correctly, Mats used to be a carpenter.

The scientist insisted on proceeding with the research.

I want for you and me to be happy.


We're prepared to meet to discuss your terms.

The computer stopped working after an automatic system update.

Jingbai started making fun of Eileen.

He lives a miserable life.

Two men are checking on what's wrong with the car.

You made me cry.

Kiki was found dead in an alley.

I want to try.

Billie looked at Frederic closely.

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What's your room number?

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Ask her when she comes back.

That would be inadvisable.

Do you think that you're better than me?

I told you you could do it.

Let's have a bite to eat.

This is the same car that was left at the scene of the crime.

The forest was in flames for three days.


She won't be beholden to special interests.

In China, they celebrate the New Year by the lunar calendar.

I had never thought about that.


She knows how to use her good looks to get what she wants out of men.

Edmund stared distantly out the window.

Laurence gave the documents to the wrong person.

Are you going back to the beach this afternoon?

Luck plays an important part in your life.

I don't want to be with anyone else.

My parents told me the same stories that Hal's parents told him.

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You look like a man who could use a drink.


I was exhausted by a full day's teaching.

I don't deserve your friendship.

He argues about everything he's told to do.

All of the city was under water.

His ranch covers twenty square miles.

It's Corey's fight.

Tharen was glad to see Randolph and John getting along so well.

People always ask me why I do what I do.

I just heard what sounded like an explosion.

I told her I hated her.

I told Jochen how proud I was of him.

Something bad happened to me.

A buyers' market is a market in which goods are plentiful, buyers have a wide range of choices, and prices are low.

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I saw him trip and fall.